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Forthcoming Books & Exhibitions:

2012: London Olympics
exhibition and book on the greatest living Olympians

2012: Great Minds
portraits of all the greatest living minds

2011: The Rhinestone Rembrandt - Manuel
Nashville & Hollywood from Billy Bob Thornton to LittleRichard

2011: The Record Producers Book (BBC) December
All the greatest record producers from George Martin (Beatles) via Tony Visconti (Bowie) to Gamble & Huff (Jacksons) – book to accompany BBC Series of same name.

2011: Think Again!
Portraits where the head gear is deliberately not quite right. Focussing on the head and asking us to reconsider our view on brain tunours (with Vanessa Dury).

2010: Talking Heads
Iconic Performers and the person or performace that inspired them to become a performer. Opens simultaneously in 4 cities in USA & UK in Sep 2010.

2010: Cutting Edge
The Top 10 British Portrait Photographers (Lord Snowdon, Terry O'Neil, Rankin etc) have each been asked to take 6 new portraits. The resulting 60 portraits will form Cutting Edge - celebrating 60 years of the Variety Club. Each portrait will have a large diamond - sponsored by Graaf.

Current Books & Exhibitions:

2010: Great Speeches
An exhibition & book of eminent Conservative politicians and their favourite speech from history. Launch May 2010.

2010: Boris Johnson- Climate Change
An exhibition & book to accompany the launch of a new consultative website which will engage Londoners with the issue of Climate Change. 20 well known faces and their views. Launches Feb 2010



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Previous Books & Exhibitions:

2009: Inspired By Music (for Princes Trust)
Each portrait subject is accompanied by a song sheet of something that inspired them. CJ has recently been made an ambassador for Prince Charles’ charity.

2009: Country Music Hall of Fame Exhibition

of work by Cambridge Jones April to October 2009

2008: Home Time, Getty Gallery, London
Cambridge Jones along with Terry O'Neil and a host of well known names produced an exhibition where celebrities were paired with kids needing adoption.

2007: Christ Church – A Portrait of The House
Book published by TMI Publishing on an Oxford College – new photography by Cambridge Jones

2007: Persona Exhibition
Voice Portraits by synaesthetic artist Philippa Stanton and portraits by Cambridge Jones

2006: O3 Gallery - The Royal Academy Centenary Portraits Reprised
This was a reprise of the exhibition and book Off Stage from Getty Gallery show in London

2005: DVD released of A Wider Sky
Collaboration with composer Adrian Munsey & Cambridge Jones using photography & music

2005: OFFSTAGE, Getty Gallery, London
100 of the most famous British actors – all of whom trained at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Book & exhibition commissioned to commemorate 100 years of the academy. Book Foreword by Lord Attenborough.

2004: Face The Music, Proud Galleries, London
Cambridge Jones arrives with this break out show of 120 famous Brits and their favourite music.
Public hear track by plugging headphones into framed print. Publicity and coverage enormous and career launches.
Book available.

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